Welcome to Philatelic Friends new website. We now focus exclusively on auctions and have discontinued our online shopping.

Please view lots for our latest Auction-38 here

Almost every lot has been scanned but the images are limited in size, which will be upgraded for future auctions. If you prefer larger images, please email us the lot nos and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Anyone may browse our website and add lots to their bid form. When you have added at least one lot to your bid form, you will see a red shopping cart in top menu. You can click on the shopping cart to view the lots you have added to bid form and update your bid prices or remove lots.

Once you decide to checkout your bid form you will be asked to login If you have registered with the site before. If you are not registered then simply proceed with the checkout process and you will automatically be registered and have your login details emailed to you.

Current and future auctions offer online inPlease use links below to download auction catalogues and other relevant information.dividual lot searching and image viewing, with the freedom to add to your bidding form all lots that interest you and to remove any, as with any online shopping basket.

The site design and layout is mobile friendly and you can comfortably view all pages via smartphone or tablet.

We will keep you posted of all future auctions and developments via email newsletter.

If you would prefer to download auction catalogues in pdf form and submit your bids via email then please view our document download page

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us.